How to Attract Men in Public

How to Attract Men in Public


Whether you want to have some flirty fun or just make a connection, this guide will put you on your way.



Start with the proper staging. In a public place you can meet anyone. Try to pick places where you think that the kind of people you would want to meet would spend their time. A bar might be a nice place to meet someone but you are more likely to meet someone with a drinking problem if you meet someone there.

Think there is no “the rest”, there is only ME. Don’t worry about what other women are doing. Don’t do what they are doing, don’t look like them. He is not with them, so doing what they are doing, and looking like them won’t help. What kind of person do you want him to want? Work on being that person.

Make elongated eye contact with hot men. In any situation prolonged eye contact will give him the message that you have an interest in him. The bigger your smile is an indication to him how aggressive you want him to be. No smile at all and it may be several chance encounters before he says something to you. A big smile may send him running your way. If you are really interested in a particular guy, why play games? Maybe a nod is needed to give him the signal that he needs to come see you now. In a situation where there are lots of distractions you may need to approach him even if it’s about something incidental. “Pardon me, do you have the time?” will get you noticed and will give him an opportunity to decide if he wants to meet you. “Pardon me, I seem to have lost my earring, can you help me find it?” Such a question will not only get you noticed but he will be hoping you never find your earring so that he will have an opportunity to chat with you. In a first meeting it’s important to set his expectations. The more sexual your behavior, pursed pouty lips, he may be inclined to think of you only for one thing.

Dress to impress, but be modest. Whatever your body type, age or shape, there is a style of clothing, color, hair do, whatever that will suit you best. Also don’t let your body type, age or shape get in the way. Almost any woman can pretty much get almost any guy if you play your cards right. Don’t dress in a manner that you would not dress once you’re with him. This means: no greasy hair , well-fitting clothes that suggest a level of modesty that leaves much to the imagination and a faint scent of alluring perfume that will leave men wondering just what makes you smell so good.

Don’t engage in false advertising. If you have to look too inviting to attract a guy, believe me, you don’t want him. Don’t over do it with makeup, don’t wear heels that are too high, don’t wear a dress that’s too tight. Don’t cover it all up, but don’t let it all hang out either. Go with your own hair as much as possible.

Be confident. Expect that most men that you meet will never get beyond being an acquaintance. Most men prefer the confident, happy women. So don’t be afraid to make the first move, don’t be afraid to engage a man in conversation. If a guy has to move a conversation forward, then he will think of you more as a potential conquest, instead of someone whom he should take seriously. Even if it doesn’t work out, or nothing comes of meeting him, he may tell a guy friend, “hey, I met this great girl, let me introduce you to her”.

Don’t be desperate. It is okay that people know that you are available. Guys like the women that they meet to be very friendly but discriminating. They want to know that it’s okay to approach you and if you do invest time in getting to know them, you may see that they are special — just like you.