Become Strong

Become Strong

Everyone wants to be strong. But most people don’t know how to become strong. Life is so much difficult that without being strong one cant even enjoy ones life. First of all, let’s define the word “strong”. Does it mean overcoming life’s difficulties quickly? Does it mean ignoring obstacle ?



1 Think about it.This is the first step. You may need to forget your sensitiveness. Think about any difficult moment of the past where it was very difficult to remain happy,to maintain your calm. How was your state of mind? How is life now? Have you changed in any way? Have you changed your perspective? I bet you have. Don’t just feel stronger now? Prior to that you couldn’t imagine a life so difficult.But now you have come out so strong. And hence you are a Strong person. Take pride

2 Care only about the ones who care about you. Love the ones who love you. A strong person will never feel hurt if a person less important does or says something hurtful. Imagine a shield between the less important person and you. And just move on. You must be able to differentiate between what is important and what is not? Lets put it this way, those who are not going to be there for you in your troubled times then why worry what they say.

3 Enjoy every minute of your life. There is not a second one. It is often said life is precious and yes it indeed is. Don’t concentrate on the negatives. Enjoy those little pleasures of life.

4 Find a Solution. Strong people try to find solution to their problems without losing their calm. At times it is better to be practical than emotional. As rationality and practicality will get you out of a problem and not those tears.