Become a More Interesting Person

Become a More Interesting Person


If you grew up in a conservative or strict environment and later enter into a more dynamic environment (for example when entering college), you may feel an urge to develop a more exciting and open personality. In this article we will look into the steps you can take to become a more fun individual.



1 Write down a list of your current personality traits. Be as honest as you can. Knowing where you start is essential to making changes in your personality.

2 Write a list of the traits you see yourself having as a more exciting and open personality (Fun, smiling, wild, positive, optimistic, energetic etc.).

3 List the people who have these traits and prioritize those you would like to spend time with. Remember that who you spend time with greatly affects how your personality develops.

4 Smile and laugh as often as you can.

5 Be positive and optimistic about everything. Notice the “silver lining” in every situation. Positive people will be attracted by it and cynicism is a very conservative trait.

6 Dress less conservatively. If you have a refined style and wish to keep it, try to experiment with brighter and more unique colors. It will make you stand out and seem like a more fun individual.

7 Read books about fun topics such as how to make unique cocktails, exotic places to travel or how to become a great lover.

8 Make your next holiday an unusual one. Go to an exotic place and do things you would not normally do such as backpacking, climbing a mountain or going on a jungle safari. Or if you have never been on a “party-holiday”, this is a good option too.

9 Host a themed party and show up in a daring and imaginative costume.

10 For a more advanced transformation, try to discover the underlying beliefs and attitudes you currently possess that have formed you and see if some of them are not according to who you really are.