Back Into Work After Vacation

Back Into Work After Vacation

Workers in various fields and industries know what it’s like to come back to their posts after a relaxing and enjoyable time off the job. It seems like a simple thing, but coming back to work after a vacation or other leave like maternity or family emergency leave can actually be difficult. Human resources experts identify this as one of the challenges of the average job role. Some of these professionals also have time-tested tips for helping an individual to ease back into work after vacation and stay productive in the days following a lengthy sabbatical.



Engage in good pre-planning. Planning for a return to work is a big part of being successful with this kind of transition.

o    Make contacts before returning. Call co-workers and ask what has changed over the length of your vacation in order to have more of a heads-up before returning to the job.

o    Update the task priorities. Those who have already penciled in top goals before returning to work have a better chance of realizing these goals earlier and getting back to business as usual.


Get engaged in new projects. The problem for some workers who return to work after a lengthy absence is that they are simply lacking some of the challenges that they enjoyed previously. Tackling new projects right out of the gate is sometimes a good way to get quickly immersed in the workplace.


Catch up on communications. One of the biggest tasks in many cases is going through the incoming messages that have accumulated while the worker was away.

o    Some professionals like to thin out their email. This involves going through emails with an eye for priority and getting the key information before going 0 to 60 with a new work day or week.


Take time to enjoy the homecoming. Whether it’s touching base with friends at work, getting updated on new events in co-workers’ lives, or reconnecting with favorite clients or customers, taking advantage of the human factor can help individuals enjoy their return to work and become more productive in their ongoing job roles.

Limit access on the first day back. Returning to work can be overwhelming, and making your return to work incremental can help. Some like to keep the first day reserved for catching up on past events, limiting their incoming phone calls and new projects until they have caught up on what they missed.

Adjust your sleep schedule. Another major aspect of returning to work is related to the work life balance and how someone’s personal life affects their workday. Sleep is one of the major factors: making sure that your sleep schedule is linked up to your work schedule will help make the return to work transition easier.

o    Along with keeping up on sleep needs, it’s a good idea to plan for meals. Bringing lunch from home can help the average worker do more doing the work day, rather than spending time chasing down that delivery menu or running out to buy food over the lunch hour.