Avoid Getting Sick During the Flu Season

Avoid Getting Sick During the Flu Season

As summer transitions to fall, and fall turns into winter, more and more people become sick with the flu. Here is how to avoid being one of them.



Keep your hands clean. During the day, people touch their faces, noses, and mouths, which can lead to infection if their hands are germy. Clean hands will help lower your risk.

  • Wash your hands after every time you use the bathroom, and before every meal or snack.
  • Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your room, purse, or bookbag. Choose a gentle type of hand sanitizer (especially those used by doctors, who need to clean their hands often).
  • If your hands begin to feel dry or rough, use lotion or moisturizer.

Avoid people who are sick as much as you can. Proximity to a sick person can easily get you sick too. If you need to be around someone who is sick, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after interacting with them.

Strengthen your immune system through diet and exercise. Get outdoors and take walks, go jogging, bike around the neighborhood, et cetera. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those high in Vitamin C. Consider taking multivitamins to help get nutrients.

Talk to your doctor about flu prevention tips. Look into getting a flu shot or nasal spray.

Take plenty of quiet time to relax and unwind. If you feel stressed or run down, you will be more likely to get sick. Get at least 8 hours of sleep, and spend time doing things you enjoy. Self-care is especially important when you want to look after your health.